“A good address book is at the heart of a powerful network”

Rolo is now available on Google Play

Most Contact Managers today are apps for one-off use. With these apps, you can add contacts and maybe clean-up duplicates. Rolo defines a new class of Apps – Personal Relationship Management. Rolo is an app that busy professionals can use to track and manage all their interactions with the people around them.

Why use Rolo?

If you are tired of tracking your personal interactions across multiple apps using to-dos, notes, reminders, calendars, sms and calls, then Rolo is for you. Rolo provides easy shortcuts to common actions such as writing a note, setting a reminder or sharing contact info with someone.

Rolo understands that the people you know are more than entries in an address book. Rolo combines interactions like messages, emails, appointments and calls to give you a wholesome view of your relationships.

What is different about Rolo?

At first glance, Rolo looks like any other address book or Contact Manager. It shows you your contacts and merges them. You can can make calls and send SMS, you can view your call & SMS history.

The magic unfolds when you tap on the EZ Menu.

The EZ Menu is a slide-out menu under every item in Rolo. Items in the EZ Menu include Notes, Reminders and Messages. With this, Rolo becomes the only place where you need to write and maintain notes about your clients. Reminders eliminate the need for a separate to-do app.

What can you do with Rolo?

There’s a lot you can do with Rolo.

  1. You can manage your contacts better
    • Merge duplicate contacts using a unique merge technology
    • Backup contacts
  2. Add contacts in a Jiffy
    • EZ Add
    • A built-in visiting card scanner
  3. Track your interactions
    • Notes for contacts, reminders and so -on
    • Track important social media updates from key prospects and clients

What are some of Rolo’s killer features?

There’s a lot you can do with Rolo.

  1. Roloscope- A badge that appears on your screen when you receive a call. Tap the badge to get a view of all your interactions with the caller. A quick ready-reckoner before you take a call.
  2. Schedule SMS – Using Rolo, you can now create messages and schedule them to be delivered later. This will be very useful for invoice reminders, birthday wishes etc.
  3. Remind yourself and others – Using Rolo, you can set reminders for yourself and others. Reminders are delivered by SMS to non-Rolo users. Very useful for following up on things you asked others to do. See video at –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhao0H-O6Ro

Is Rolo free?

Almost all of Rolo’s features are available in the ad supported, free for lifetime version. The complete list of features is

  1. Call Log, SMS Log, Contacts
  2. Dialer
  3. Send and receive SMS
  4. Consolidate Contacts from unlimited number of accounts
  5. Add Contacts from Facebook and Twitter
  6. Automatic and Manual Merge of Contacts
  7. Roloscope badge appears when your phone rings. Tap to quickly get a complete history of all SMS, calls, notes and emails with the caller
  8. Profile View with complete history all interactions with contact – SMS, call, notes, email
  9. EZ menu under every call log
  10. EZ Add
  11. EZ Share Contacts (No More Copy Paste – Two taps to share contact)
  12. Reminders for yourself and others
  13. Notes for Contacts
  14. SMS Scheduler
  15. Automatic and Continuous backup of Contacts, Notes and Reminders(Unlimited)
  16. Social media updates from contacts
  17. Scan Visiting Cards/ Business Cards (10 free – upgrade for more)

The following features are available in the premium version

  1. Unlimited backup of all your call-logs and SMS logs. Now you can change your phones without skipping a beat. Just download Rolo and you are up and running in no time.
  2. Unlimited Business Card Scans
  3. Themes – Personalise Rolo with you favorite colors and themes.

Does Rolo have users?

In the last five months almost fifty thousand users have downloaded Rolo. Amongst Rolo’s users are astrologers, real estate agents, insurance professionals, executives and small business owners.

Who is behind Rolo?

Rolo is created by a team of seasoned serial entrepreneurs led by Srinath Rajaram.

Where was Rolo Built?

Rolo was created in Chennai, India.

What are users saying about Rolo?

“What is the most differentiating factor is the Reminder which reminds you what are the Critical things you need to discuss with your caller.This is absolutely unique which is extremely useful in today’s world of multitasking.” 

“Adding and sharing contacts was never this easy. To top it all the history of interactions with contact that we get is great feature. Had lost my phone, had not taken a backup 🙁 thanks to ROLO have them back too:-)” 

“Fantastic app. I use it to notate my leads. It’s a brilliant Lead Management System Tool. If there’s a way to pay for it, please let me know. This app deserves to be monetized.” 

What is our vision for Rolo?

Our Vision for Rolo is to transform your address book from a list of contacts into a trusted network of relationships.

Contact Information

Srinath Rajaram srinath@getrolo.in
Murali Rangarajan murali@getrolo.in
Phone: +91 8056247833 

You can download all the Rolo collaterals

  • An app to realize the potential of contacts. The feature that stood out is the Roloscope or the inbuilt caller ID. For every contact that calls me, I get a quick snapshot of recent calls, emails and SMS exchanged. Overall, an app that makes me work more efficiently with my time
    Founder and CEO - Workolo
  • “I like the fact that Rolo merged my duplicate contacts and made my contact book crisper & lighter. The one touch option to send a business card is a striking feature I use regularly. Overall a compact and carefully thought through business app that every business owner must have”
    Naveen Kumar
    VP, Nova Capital Advisors Private Limited