Companies use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications to help them build better business relationships with customers. At its core, a CRM contains tools that help business users do two things right:

1. The first is to store and recall customer history. It could be an email, an invoice or a note. Having easy access to this kind of information not only saves time, but also improves customer satisfaction.

2. The second is to Follow-up better. Follow-up could involve delivering on promises or reminding customers of an impending deadline. Better follow-up ensures that promises are kept. This, in turn, leads to happier customers and better relationships.

If you think about it, these are two things that we need to do right as individuals in our professional lives. Unfortunately, CRMs are either too complex or too expensive for personal use. To manage your personal relationships, you would have to use multiple applications like to-do lists, notes, reminders and calendars. What is worse, there is no easy way to access any of this when you are talking to a contact.

Rolo adds these tools to your contact manager. This makes it easier for you to set a reminder or add a note without leaving your contact manager.  In short, Rolo transforms your contact manager to a Personal CRM.

Time for a little show and tell. Take a look at how Rolo makes it easy to follow-up better.

How easy it is to add a note for a contact (works for reminders as well)

Adding a note for contact


You added a note to a contact and you want to look it up during a call

Access Note During Call


You just called someone and they asked you to call back in an hour


You asked your co-worker to get something done but want to follow-up to ensure it gets done

Follow-up On Assigned Task


You set up a meeting for Monday but want to re-confirm on Monday morning

Re-Confirm Meetings


You just got a call and want to add the number to your contacts 

Add Number To Contacts


You have a number that you need to remember for a short while but you don’t want to save it to your contacts (think cable-guy/repairman)

Temporary Contact


Your client called and asked for your co-worker’s number

Sharing A Contact