If you have been using your mobile phone for a long time, chances are that you have duplicates in your contacts.

Duplicates can be a simple repetition of a contact

Duplicate Contacts - Repeated Contact Entries

Or two contacts for the same person but containing different pieces of information.

Two contact entries containing different pieces of information

Duplicate contacts are messy and it is a good practice to have your contacts clutter-free and organised. But the hidden cost of duplicate contacts comes up when you are trying to call someone and there are 4 contacts that look almost similar.

The problem with duplicate contacts. You do not know which entry has the number.

On the desktop, you can use Google’s Contacts to merge your duplicate contacts. It works well for a one-time cleanup.

But that won’t work if you have multiple Google accounts or if you use multiple services (like Hotmail or Yahoo) or if you have added your LinkedIn contacts to your phone.

This is where Rolo works like a charm. Right after installation Rolo scans your contacts, merges duplicates and shows you the results.

Rolo gives you merge results right after install


During the initial scan, if Rolo finds contacts that look similar but are not clear duplicates, Rolo marks them as suspected duplicates. You can tap on the Reduce More button to manually merge these contacts.

How to manually merge suspected duplicates



If you accidentally merge contacts, you can undo it easily by either reviewing your merge history

If you merge by mistake, here is how you can undo it.



Or from the profile view of the individual contact.

You can also undo a merge from the profile view of a contact


It does not matter how many address books or contacts you add, Rolo keeps working in the background identifying and automatically merging contacts that are duplicates.

Rolo keeps continuously merging duplicates

Have you tried our brand new contact merge? Try it and let us know what you think. You can always chat with us from the helpdesk in Rolo.