Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding Rolo

How do I opt-in to the beta testing program of Rolo?

Just click here.

How do I stop using the beta version of Rolo?

To stop using the beta version of Rolo for Android: 

1. In the Play Store, tap Leave the test

2. Uninstall the test version of the Rolo app from your Android

Once you’ve completed both of these steps, you’ll no longer be testing the beta version of the app. Install the regular public version of the Rolo for Android app from the Play Store.

I edited a contact on the native address book. I don’t see the changes in Rolo. Why?

If you delete a contact using your native address book, it WILL NOT get reflected in Rolo. If you add a contact It WILL get reflected.

If you edit a contact using your native address book, the updated info will appear in Rolo. However, the old information will not be deleted from the contact in Rolo. For example, when you change a phone number or email in the native address book, the new phone number/email will appear in Rolo along with the old phone number/email.

Will changes made in Rolo reflect in my Android phone book?

Yes. Except merges. We do not propagate merges to your address book. If you merge a contact, you will not see the results in your native address book. You can see it only on Rolo.

Where is my data stored?

We store it securely in the cloud with a reputed cloud provider. Data transmission between the phone and Rolo cloud is secured using 256 bit AES keys for the encryption. Access to the data store in the cloud is protected with an additional layer of encryption.

How much data does this app consume?

Rolo will not consume a lot of data during day-to-day use. The highest consumption would happen during install. For a person with 1000 contacts, it would be a couple of megabytes (MB)

I am not able to see any emails in profile view. What happened?

To see emails from your contact in the profile view, three things must happen.

  1. You need to connect your email. You can do so from Menu->Add Accounts
  2. The contact you are viewing must have an email address – this may require a merge – see here
  3. You must have sent or received emails to that person

I know that my friend has an email id but it does not show up in the profile view. What do I do?

This probably means that you will have to merge contacts manually. You can do two things

  1.  Check under the possible duplicates section in the profile view. You may have useful suggestions there
  2. You will find a search bar at the bottom of the profile view. Start typing out the name of your friend, you will find contact suggestions there.

Rolo tells me it has merged contacts. How do I see what contacts have been merged?

Go to Menu->Review Merge. You will find a list of all merged contacts. You can approve or reject merges here.

Rolo has performed a wrong merge. What do I do?

Just go to the profile view. You will find a ‘merged duplicates’ section. Just tap the ‘x’ and you are done.

I tried to make a call and Rolo took me to the Android dialler. Why don’t you have your own dialler?

Every manufacturer has their own version of the dialler with some extra nice features e.g. call recording. We don’t want you to miss out on them. So we chose to re-direct you to the dialler.

I just set a reminder for someone. Where do I see it?

Just open the profile view for that person, you will see the list of reminders.

I set a reminder for a number which has not been added as a contact. Where do I see that?

Look under Menu->Reminders.

The EZ Menu works sometimes but is not clickable some times. What is happening?

The EZ Menu is disabled for messages that don’t come from your contacts (bulk messages).

How do I scan visiting cards?

Try Menu->Visiting Cards

I tried scanning a visiting card there were too many errors. What do I do?

We are working on improving the accuracy. We will update the app when we are ready. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How do I add the details of scanned visiting card to contacts?

Open scanned visiting card from Menu->Visiting Cards and use the (3 dots) Menu on the top right to add a new contact or add to an existing co

What happens if I don’t add the card to contacts?

Nothing. We will not delete it. But you wont be able to search for it. It gets backed up regularly.

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  • An app to realize the potential of contacts. The feature that stood out is the Roloscope or the inbuilt caller ID. For every contact that calls me, I get a quick snapshot of recent calls, emails and SMS exchanged. Overall, an app that makes me work more efficiently with my time
    Founder and CEO - Workolo
  • “I like the fact that Rolo merged my duplicate contacts and made my contact book crisper & lighter. The one touch option to send a business card is a striking feature I use regularly. Overall a compact and carefully thought through business app that every business owner must have”
    Naveen Kumar
    VP, Nova Capital Advisors Private Limited