Rolo is a replacement for your address book and dialer. Rolo packs a powerful set of features underneath a beautiful, easy­-to­-use interface.

Contacts, Calls and SMS

You can use Rolo in place of your Android address book.

Rolo - Calls

Call logs and Dialer – you can make and receive calls

Rolo - Contacts


Rolo - Messages

SMS – view and send SMSes


A badge that appears on your screen whenever you receive or make a call.

Touch the badge to get a clean beautiful view of calls, SMS and emails you have exchanged

Add notes or reminders. ­Auto save feature ensures you lose nothing

Add number to contacts without leaving the call

Supports multiple calls

Can be disabled or removed easily

Rolo - Roloscope


State­of­art algorithm that automatically reduces duplicates in your address 
book by as much as 45%

Rolo - Merge Duplicates

Automatically merges duplicates. You can review the merges if needed

Shows merge suggestions for similar contacts ­ easily accessible from profile view

Unmerge feature to correct accidental mistakes

Emails and SMS from merged contacts also visible in Roloscope and profile view

Easy Menu

A slider menu under every item in your call logs, SMS logs and contacts and more.

Tap the ‘>’ at the end of a row for a slider menu. Available on

Calls – Share Contact – Notes – Reminders – Info

Messages – Share Contact – Notes – Reminders – Call Back

Notes – Archive – Delete – Edit – Call

Rolo - Easy Menu

Easy Add

One touch menu to add a number to contacts. You should not have to fill up forms to add a contact!

Rolo - Add Contacts

A ‘+’ sign next to every number on your call log. Just touch to add to contacts

The ‘+’ is available on SMS log and call log. Next to numbers not in contacts

Just start typing and you will get suggestions to add to existing contacts


Rolo makes it so easy to add notes for your contacts, you will do it for every call

Notes are auto saved. Dont worry if you get interrupted by a call

Backed up in the cloud

Easily accessible from Roloscope and Profile View

EZ Menu for notes – call or edit very easily

Rolo - Notes


Rolo makes reminders easy and useful. You will follow­-up like a hero

Rolo - Reminders

Backed up in the cloud

Easily accessible from Roloscope and Profile View

EZ Menu for notes and reminders – call or edit very easily

Discreet notifications for Reminders – call or Snooze right from the notification

Rologram ­Contact Share

EZ access menu to help you share contacts from call log and message log

Share option under EZ Menu

Send A’s contact to B or vice versa. No need search or copy paste

Choose the details you want to send

Contact info sent via SMS in plain text. No complex vCard formats!

Rolo - Share Contact

Digitise Visiting Cards

Free visiting card scanner with easy addition to contacts

Scan from camera or use existing photos

Keep scanning without waiting for processing. Rolo queues your requests in the backend

Keep scanning without waiting for processing. Rolo queues your requests in the backend

Profile View

Detailed information about contact including

Complete contact information

History of all interactions – includes calls, emails, SMS

Add/View notes and reminders

Possible duplicates – contacts that look similar – with reject or merge option

Unmerge capability – to recover from accidental merges

Edit contacts

Easily accessible from every screen – just tap the profile picture

Support Multiple Accounts

Support for multiple accounts. Capability to add contacts from

Gmail – multiple gmail accounts supported

Google Apps Accounts – multiple accounts supported

Facebook – only information about friends who also use Rolo

Twitter – Get feeds from imported contacts


Automatic backup to the cloud

Rich contact info including notes, reminders and business cards saved in the cloud

Restore your contact info to a phone of your choice at any time

Your data is safe, stored with a reputed public cloud provider

Security and Privacy

Rolo takes care of securing data in transit as well as data at rest

Secure channels for data transmission between your phone and the Rolo server, encrypted using 256­bit AES keys

Secure storage by encrypting data at rest using 256­bit AES keys

Authenticated email addresses during registration

Two factor authentication to verify new phones for registered users

Personal info safeguarded from unauthorized access and disclosure

You have our commitment, your data will never be sold or shared with other users

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  • An app to realize the potential of contacts. The feature that stood out is the Roloscope or the inbuilt caller ID. For every contact that calls me, I get a quick snapshot of recent calls, emails and SMS exchanged. Overall, an app that makes me work more efficiently with my time
    Founder and CEO - Workolo
  • “I like the fact that Rolo merged my duplicate contacts and made my contact book crisper & lighter. The one touch option to send a business card is a striking feature I use regularly. Overall a compact and carefully thought through business app that every business owner must have”
    Naveen Kumar
    VP, Nova Capital Advisors Private Limited